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Changes to Definition of First Aid & First Aid Provider

  • First Aid” is defined as the helping behaviours and initial care provided for an acute illness or injury.
  • A “First Aid Provider” is any person trained in first aid who should a) recognize, assess and prioritise the need for first aid; b) provide care by using appropriate competencies; c) recognize limitations and seek additional care when needed.

Significant Changes in First Aid

  • The role of passive leg raising for a conscious victim in shock – lying on their back – is no longer recommended.
  • The use of direct pressure over a wound is usually the fastest, easiest and most effective way to stop bleeding; an unsuccessful pressure dressing may be removed to allow a more direct pressure directly on the bleeding point.
  • Elevation of a bleeding part is no longer recommended.
  • The use of a second dose of adrenaline, using an autoinjector, for anaphylaxis is now recommended when a first dose fails to improve symptoms within 5 minutes.
  • Administering 300 mg (1 tablet – preferably dissolvable) of Aspirin is now recommendedfor victims with a suspected heart attack, and no longer only when directed to do so.

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