ANGELIQUE FINLAYSON — Senior First Aid Trainer


Angelique is a qualified New Zealand Resuscitation Council Certified First Aid trainer. This allows Angelique to deliver a variety of first aid courses based on client or individual learners needs. This can include a completely tailored course based on industry specific requirements, reality based first aid as well as covering NZQA unit standards.

Angelique has a passion for first aid and has created a unique refresher course that both her and our first aid team deliver. This is a fun and interactive course that focuses not only on refreshing first aid knowledge but expands on skills the regular first aid participant already possesses. This helps to keep first aid fresh and interesting. She has an approachable style which ensures clients quickly build a high level of trust, which is essential for facilitating training needs.

Angelique is renowned for her energy, communication skills, and openness when delivering training which ensures everyone has a fantastic time and comes away from her courses empowered to administer first aid and save lives.

DONEVON VILJOEN — First Aid Trainerweb-Donevon


Donevon is a qualified New Zealand Resuscitation Council Certified First Aid trainer and qualified to teach NZQA unit standards. With 7 years Ambulance Medic and 9 years First Aid training experience he ensures that all his students can learn in a fun yet conducive environment to adopt the skills of First Aid. He is passionate about First Aid, helping people, and loves teaching and meeting new people. When Donevon is not working he loves to spend time outdoors, tramping, biking and taking in the beautiful sights of New Zealand. Donevon believes in community support, helping wherever, whenever and however one can, and is also a Disaster Welfare and Support Team volunteer.