EVE WEBB — Administration for the First Aid Team

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Eve Webb what is your role at TriEx?
My role at TriEx is Administration Assistant.

What does it mean that you DO and what do you love the most about that?
I am currently supporting health, occupational hygiene, pre-employment bookings and accounting in an administration role. I love being part of a company that has a positive and healthy outcome for its clients, staff and city.

In addition to work how do you like to invest your time?
I’m always hanging out with my two mischievous pooches and rogue of a cat. I’m currently attempting to learn how to cook, results varied! Only two kitchen fires so far and my lovely flatmates are still food poison free!

What ten words/values/activities help describe you and your life?
Open minded, respect, always smile, to constantly learn is to constantly grow, colourful, clothes hoarder, professional car singer, animal lover, homebody, social.