web-RobROBERT ACUTT Dip HSM —Director


Rob has had over ten years experience developing, implementing and managing Quality Health and Safety and Environmental Systems to ISO 9001:2008, AS NZS 4801:2001 and ISO 14001:2004 for New Zealand Organisations.

  • Rob has completed a National Diploma in Workplace Health and Safety.
  • Rob is extremely passionate about workplace first aid and workplace health and safety. This comes from an attitude that it’s NOT ok for NZ businesses to injure employees whist at work.
  • Rob’s ethos is that all employee’s deserve to go home in the same condition as they arrived..
  • Rob gets his energy and enthusiasm from knowing that First Aid Christchurch makes a huge difference in the local community by training thousands of course participants every year in life saving first aid skills.
  • Rob also loves being a part of First Aid Christchurch and TriEx because they are both industry leaders in their respective fields.
  • Rob knows that the corporate clients that First Aid Christchurch support have a strong commitment to a safety first culture and a strong attitude to ensuring that they have adequate first aid trained employees across their sites and work teams.
  • When Rob is not working he enjoys competing in the Coast to Coast which he has managed to complete as an individual and survive intact on 2 occasions.
  • Rob loves to spend time with his two boys, Riley, who is 7 and Kalan, 5.
  • Rob is an avid winter skier and loves turning into a human snow ball from time to time…
  • Something you didn’t know about Rob is that he has an aversion to seeing and talking about blood and medical injuries..
  • Because of this you unfortunately won’t be seeing Rob at your next first aid course because he knows you would have a real life patient to work on after he turns white and faints.

SARAH O’CONNELL —  Managing Director


Sarah O’Connell what is your role at First Aid Christchurch?
I am the Managing Director and also lead the Sales Team.

What does it mean that you DO and what do you love the most about that?
I am required to ensure that the goals of the organisation are met on behalf of the shareholders. I support the upholding of the culture and values of TriEx. I do a mixture of looking at how we can develop talent, to viewing spread sheets, talking to employees and clients and pouring the wine on a Friday night. What I love about my role is making the most of opportunity.

In addition to work how do you like to invest your time?
I teach yoga and that is a real pleasure for me. I have two beautiful girls who are young, vibrant and great company. I love to walk, I read, I have a great network of family and friends. Movies, cooking and flowers are also loves of mine.

What ten words/values/activities help describe you and your life?
Daughters, Family, Friends, Food, Yoga, Creativity, Opportunity, Beauty, Business, Laughter.

DAVID FLEMING — First Aid Manager/Business Developmentweb-David


David Fleming what is your role at First Aid Christchurch?
My role at TriEx is within the Sales team – ensuring that we continually exceed our valued clients needs and expectations and build relationships with new ones.

What does it mean that you do and what do you love the most about that?
I work with our valued clients, existing and new, listening to what they need to find the best solutions to provide a safe and healthy working environment for their staff. I have worked in manufacturing, sales, first aid training, health and wellness and have a passion for providing safe, healthy and fun working environments for staff and their employers.

In addition to work how do you like to invest your time?
I am told I am a bit of a sport tragic and currently play cricket for Sydenham and table tennis for Lincoln University. I also try to run a bit to keep fit and have played a few other sports. Oh and I like to spend time with my family. I also love a nice Indian meal.

What ten words/values/activities help describe you and your life?
Calm, Positive, Empathetic, Ethical, Competitive, Honest, Professional, Passion, Love of life and travel.